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Learning the language of medicine is required for any job in the medical profession, from transcription secretary to physician.  We offer three accredited, self-paced, online interactive textbooks for Medical Terminology courses.  These interactive courses save you several thousand dollars compared to offerings from colleges and universities.  Some universities do not even offer this course hoping that you will pick it up “as you go.”  It means that you have to learn the vocabulary AND the lesson instead of only concentrating on the lesson.  On top of that, none offer as many words and phrases as we do in our three lessons.  There is nothing to download, nothing to install; just register and go.

Students can study using any computing device that is connected to the Internet.  That can be a desktop-, laptop-, tablet-computer, or a smartphone with a screen resolution of 1024 pixels or higher.  Modern smartphones have high resolution.

The program is portable; it works on multiple machines, such as in school, on the road, or at home.  A computer at a friend’s house can be used for study sessions.  All that is needed is an Internet connection.

We make it affordable to earn medical terminology certification that increase a student’s chances of being accepted into medical school, or to land that well-paying job in any of the many medical specialties.

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The material is divided into three separate modules.  If a user is already certified, the modules are used to maintain medical terminology certification from the AMBA.  Print and frame your Certificate of Accomplishments after successful completion.

The College Tutor is textbook, lesson exercise and review vehicle, and self-assessment tool all rolled into one system.

The three online course modules:

Medical Terms Course Module 1.    Basic Word Definitions
Earn 3 Continuing Education (CE) units
Effort: Approximately 20 hours to complete

Medical Terms Course Module 2.    Anatomy & Physiology
Earn 3 Continuing Education (CE) units
Effort: Approximately 30 hours to complete

Medical Terms Course Module 3.    Disorders & Diseases
Earn 3 Continuing Education (CE) units
Effort: Approximately 30 hours to complete

Enjoy these advantages with Amelox College Tutor online learning:


Upon successful completion of a course print your Certificate.  This allows applying for 3 CEU with the AMBA.  The certificate shows a school admissions officer, examiner, or potential employer demonstrated initiative, aptitude, and perseverance in learning medical terms with its definitions!

If you want to present the courses to a college or university to earn credit, you can get a detailed course outline by clicking on the [Course Outline] button in each of the three modules.

Get ready for that well-paying job in the medical field!

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