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Our ‘College Tutor’–series online interactive textbooks are low-cost, self-contained, self-paced, and self-directed with nothing extra to buy. They are your textbook and personal tutor since all practice problems are worked out in full, just like a teacher's edition. The textbooks are not simple ebooks you may be familiar with — ebooks are not interactive — and not as slow and time consuming as videos. Our programs are lovingly hand-crafted and work the same way as this Web page. There is nothing to download or to install, and no waiting for CDs. Register your iTextbook and you are ready to learn.
Not available in bookstores.

“I like printed textbooks better.”  Yes, you also like to underline and highlight text that you think is important, and read the text five times over.  Problem: Research shows that is the worst method to learn anything.  94% of students are struggling in this incorrect way, 4% happen to do it correctly by instinct, the remaining 2% of you are geniuses and don’t need any help.  Which group are you in?  How are you supposed to learn efficiently and with a minimum of effort?  The answer comes free with any of our textbooks, or it is available separately on our Order page.

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High School and College Prep.
Albert Einstein
and Infinite Series
Under development
coming in 2016
Under development
coming in 2015
Native Warriors
 Author wanted

Career & License Preparation
black widow
Medical Terminology
Med Terms 1
man, abstract
Medical Terminology
Anatomy & Physiology
Med Terms 2
pretty woman
Medical Terminology
Disorders & Diseases
Med Terms 3
pretty boy
Psychiatric Mental
Health Nursing

Agent panel
R.E. Agent/Realtor
License Prep.
broker panel
R.E. Broker
License Prep.
Trainer panel
Real Estate
In-house Trainer
R.E. Trainer
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